Anti Jet Lag Traveling

Of course you need to know the right way, to avoid this situation

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The way to avoid jet lag should be anticipated from the beginning, especially if you travel frequently, cross-continental berwisarta, thus facing different regions with different time zones. If you experience this situation, there is no other way to immediately take some preparatory steps to avoid it.

You better know the state of this jet lag, find out first, then how to deny it.

As featured in a travel media quote, jet lag is a sleep disorder due to fly across many time zones. One of the ways that most people do is stretch the muscles of the body, as well as performing light sports activities during the flight.

Even some other travelers friends, they do a more simple, that is by choosing to take sleeping pills, anti jet lag and other drugs.

Maybe some of the following travel tips can be observed further, of course you do not want to experience this.

1. Follow the sun

Your body clock is disturbed, that's for sure, especially in terms of sleep. How to adjust the body clock depends on the direction of the hemisphere where you will fly, whether to the east or to the west.

You know if flight to the east will shorten the day, while the flight to the west will prolong the day. Sleep early when you're flying east, especially a few days before departure. Conversely, when flying to the west, familiarize yourself to sleep more late than usual.

You can make a flight follow the direction of the sun, fly eastwards, choose a flight in the morning. But if flying west, choose a night flight.

2. Avoid caffeine

You can refrain from enjoying a cup of coffee on a long journey, even be aware, caffeine-containing drinks will ruin hours of sleep.

You certainly do not want to have trouble sleeping, despite the drowsiness of having been attacked slowly.

3. Strategies for sleep

Of course you can prepare yourself to sleep enough on the night before departure, jet lag can get worse if you lack sleep.

Likewise, the strategy to sleep a while during the air, avoid temporarily with various entertainment facilities in the aircraft cabin. You can calculate when the time usually sleeps, then schedule sleep for 30-45 minutes at that time.

It's a better way than to force yourself to stay up when you normally sleep, do it early, get enough sleep and will save you from jet lag.

4. Physical Activity and sports

They say it's a unique way, because it impacts the body's clock reset, you can exercise.

You can exercise in the morning local time. This revitalizes the condition of the body after a long flight, avoid exercise two to three hours before bedtime, as it will awaken your body.

5. Body supplements

A supplement rich in melatonin proved to reduce jet lag, some people feel sleepy. You can try as a tool to adjust sleep time.

Even so if you feel allergic, should be avoided early. Consult your doctor before taking them.

6. Sleeping pills

You can provide sleeping pills as another way. Indeed for some people, not sleeping before traveling very fun, because then can sleep soundly on the plane.

You know if this should be avoided.

As it is known later, that jet lag is very easy to attack people who are too tired or sick. You should make sure you have enough sleep before the flight.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel
Image: M Kretyawan - Changi Airport


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