Be Wary of Traveling to Jamaica

After many cases of violence in this country

Ocho Rios coastline, Jamaica - Image Credit Visit Jamaica @instagram

The release of travel warning to Jamaica has been conducted by a number of other countries in the world, say as recently issued by the United States government (US), and indeed many parties are very concerned with various incidents of violence that occurred in the country.

You may have read the news that later became sad news, when a case of violence earlier this month, after a Canadian tourist couple was found dead in their villa in St. Thomas.

This event can be regarded as the culmination of violence that became the daily news of the citizens there, which makes the various countries in the world provide travel warning that goes to Jamaica.

You know if the warning is mostly aimed at tourists, citing CNN Indonesia, January 23, contains suggestions not to approach the Kingston, Montego Bay and Spanish Town areas due to numerous burglary cases, armed robberies, murders, to reported sexual harassment.

Many worries for tourists, because not only in residential areas, cases of violence also occur in the resorts that operate.

As is known later, quotes Time, the usual acts of violence, as many as 1350 murders, 1,216 firefights, 449 fights, and 480 cases of rape that occurred during the year 2016.

In addition to the United States government responsive to events there, say other countries such as the Canadian and British governments are also releasing the same travel warning.

Even the British government advises its citizens to only use the facilities and services provided by the place of residence or the official party in order to avoid security and safety threats.

The violence that continues every day indeed then make the Caribbean Tourism Agency issued a statement that the area is still safe for tourists to visit, regardless of the concern for tourists does not necessarily disappear.

The government has already deployed military and police forces, citing Travel and Leisure, to secure the region, especially tourist destinations.

It may take time to provide a new kind of confidence for travelers who mostly come with cruises, an area of ​​10,991 square kilometers of coastal areas that are visited by 3.5 million tourists each year.

No doubt the attraction of this country, Jamaica with a beach surrounded by places to eat and shopping. Still continuing with nightlife attractions, nightclubs are performing lively reggae music.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Time, Travel and Leisure
Image: Visit Jamaica


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