Cheap, Buy Ticket in January!

It's believed to be the cheapest month for buying the plane tickets

Travelers at check-in desk, Sydney Airport - Image Credit J Tobing

Plan your vacation even from the beginning of the year though, so many travelers who have already made plans in their annual year will travel anywhere in the year. Especially after the development of the world of tourism, the trend of tourism activities that lead to certain tourism activities throughout 2018.

No wonder if some travelers and potential travelers who have planned to start 'browsing' some travel sites, of course hope at a reasonable discount, of course.

Certainly not a cheap 'hoax' story, when January the price of airfare is somewhat cheaper than the next months.

As later recognized by a travel accommodation website, Skyscanner, which sees the activity of internet users, searches and bookings by 60 million users worldwide, concludes that the first two weeks of January 1 to 14, 2018, are time the cheapest to buy a plane ticket.

You can try on your own and make some time, domestic flight tickets will rise by as much as 13 percent starting in March, as well as international airline ticket prices that will rise by as much as 56 percent.

Several other travel or travel-related travel sites support this assumption, the widespread review of which then gets the attention of Travel and Leisure, in addition to the Skyscanner site, then the Hipmunk site also has a study result that gives a similar picture.

Try to see some travel sites, it certainly does not mean to travel in January, you can check a series of airfare throughout this year through similar sites, such as Kayak, Airfarewatchdog, or Google Flights.

Indeed, after accessing some travel sites or associated with it, you will be slightly confused.

Seeing the row of ticket prices on offer can make you think of many possibilities, tempted to immediately do some 'click'. But there's a benchmark that can help, ticket prices in the first two weeks of January are called the cheapest all year round.

Plan ahead of time when the most appropriate time for the holidays, and after that determine the destination air ticket.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: J Tobing


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