Impact of 'Shutdown' for Tourism in America

Failure of necessary agreement from senators regarding state budget

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

The latest 'Government shutdown' may happen once you know when President Barack Obama is still reigning on October 1, 2013, as it is known to have far-reaching effects on the administration of all state activities aka temporary suspension of public services in the United States.

You can understand when this happens when the Obama administration at that time that makes about 800 thousand civil servants hanged their fate without a salary until the situation ends on October 17, 2013.

No need to be surprised if all this can happen, because the failure of the senators to reach an agreement that makes the government to act 'government shutdown'.

This time a similar situation occurred again in the era of President Trump's administration, with widespread impact on public services ranging from immigration, airports, national parks, museums, to highways, of course.

Interesting reviews on Travel and Leisure, that immediate impact on tourists visiting America, today.

1. Security and airport personnel

They will be committed to consistently keep doing their duties as long as 'government shutdown' takes place. Of course you need to see straight away, there will be no flight cancellation, but schedule delays will happen, you know if there will not be many officers who go to the field.

2. National Park

If in 2013 it is affected, because almost the entire national park in the US does not operate, and resulted directly make the tourism sector lose money.

Anticipated by Home Affairs Secretary Ryan Zinke, to keep the national park open during government shutdown. But this is still confirmed on their operational schedule.

3. Passport

Fixed service is provided to residents and immigrants to America, but be prepared for long queues, as not many officers operate.

4. Visa

Services are also available, such as passports, currently the budget for visa processing is still available. Visa arrangements for residents and immigrants will remain in place as long as the budget is not exhausted.

5. Museum

As Ryan Zinke has said to keep the museum open and operating normally, but for large museums like the Smithsonian Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress and the National Archives decided not to operate.

Do not worry in advance for tourists visiting America, there are still other tourist areas that operate normally, such as National Zoo plans to stay open during Saturday and Sunday.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: E Widi


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