Prohibited to Cabin Toilet Before the Plane Takes-Off

Rules that must be obeyed, because passengers can be threatened to be taken down from the plane

A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-232 - Image credit Makaristos

Non-compliant passengers are easy to find on various airplane trips, maybe you've also experienced similar things to find this type of passenger.

Let's say that on an air journey you find them, of course there are requests that may be unusual in accordance with the provisions of the aviation authority, and that always happens around the airport or aircraft cabin space.

You know, if one of the flight attendant's duties is always to remind the passengers not to use the cabin toilets in the state of the plane taking off or landing, citing CNN Indonesia, January 12, because it is well known that the rule must be obeyed, because otherwise could be threatened to be taken down from the plane until dealing with the authorities.

Take an example that happened some time ago, a case of one of Delta Air Lines passengers. When the passenger was forced to use the cabin toilets as the plane prepared to take off.

Look what happened, another passenger defended the passenger who was taken down from the cabin, but apparently there is an important reason behind such rules.

The other reviews on the Gizmodo site, apparently forcing the use of cabin rest rooms before the plane is in a safe position for take-off or landing are in violation of international flight regulations.

Even you need to know, pilots and flight attendants who do not forbid the passengers to do so can be punished.

"Passenger safety is the main reason for this," said a flight attendant who did not want to be named, taking off and landing the plane was the most potentially crash, so passengers were asked to stay on the bench wearing seat belts.

Passengers are expected to sit in an orderly manner, they must ensure again the location of the lane and the emergency exit, in anticipation of escape, if the plane fails to take off or landing.

Bad situations that may occur, when there are passengers who are still in the bathroom cabin.

"We will find it hard to save them," she then added.

To illustrate the bathroom cabin has no flight safety equipment, the interior wall of the bathroom is also somewhat dangerous if it must collide with the body when the plane experienced a shock.

More difficult situation for them, quoting Travel and Leisure, if passengers are not on their bench when the plane crashed.

"They will be more difficult to complain," she said.

Alright then be the concern, use the toilet before boarding a plane or use the toilet in the cabin after the pilot announces the belt off signs and before the stewardesses to share the food menu.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Gizmodo, Travel and Leisure
Image: Makaristos via Wikipedia


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