Gucci Open Restaurant in Florence

Renowned brand fashion has just opened its newest business in the culinary world

The Gucci Osteria, Florence - Image Credit Gucci Osteria

Gucci in culinary is good news in January, who can guess if they have decided to enter the culinary world. They have a concept that may seem different, and the city of Florence in Italy became their first place of presence.

Who would have thought if people who are in the fashion world are very anti-food, maybe you should think again. This is the reality that happens at these times and the world will glance at what they do next.

As quoted in detikFood, today, that could be in a fashion event, say London Fashion Week find a popcorn snack that lose weight, but not a good food that you like.

It is remarkable, when Gucci, to quote Metro, with their new business in the form of a restaurant in a historic building that is part of Gucci Garden, named Gucci Osteria is located inside the Palazzo della Mercanzia.

You know this building is a museum that is deliberately dedicated to the brand label is equipped with exhibition space and market-style boutiques that sell fashion knick-knacks.

Anyone who is in Florence on Thursday, January 11 will witness firsthand the opening with a serving menu between 12.00 and 8.30 pm. The restaurant can be considered special with a special menu with the supervision of the Michelin Star chef, Massimo Bottura.

Massimo Bottura - Image Credit Alice.jessica.north via Wikipedia

Assume you are already inside the restaurant, and you will be confronted with a pasta menu such as Parmigiano Reggiano tortellini and pork belly buns as well as some salads are also rumored to be the menu.

They, Gucci's party indeed deserve to be proud of their restaurant to customers who provide a daily dining experience, the menu becomes so iconic food has a classical conceptual touch.

No need to hesitate to stop over, they say, it is a dish of food that is cheaper than their fashion design items worth between 20 to 30 euros.

Massimo seemed enthusiastic about the opening of this Osteria resto.

"Traveling to the world, our food is inspired by everything we see, hear and feel."

Source: detikFood, detikcom, Metro
Image: Gucci Osteria, Florence


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