Tea Lovers are More Smart and Creative

No one doubts when coffee is popular, but studies show different results

It's tea time - Image Credit R Rumambi

Tea lovers have been unfamiliar lately, given the appeal of coffee as part of today's urban lifestyle. You should not be discouraged if the tea lovers automatically become 'less cool'. Not so, of course!

You deserve to know more broadly the facts that occur based on a study that proves positive about tea drinkers. Of course many people who will smile a little see this reality.

This is what makes people will open their eyes wide, following the review on CNN Indonesia, January 24, recent research at Peking University, China tea lovers turned out to be a very creative figure.

As the scientific publication in the journal "Food Quality and Preference" analyzed about 50 people with an average age in the early 20s, half of the respondents were given black tea, and half were given a glass of water. Thus excerpts from The Independent from the Food and Wine, where previously their cognitive abilities and creativity were tested first.

Indeed this can be surprising, respondents tested with two types of tests, first they were asked to build a building from a block of toys, and secondly they were asked to give a creative name to a restaurant.

The results that then indicate that tea drinkers are consistently getting higher marks for their creativity of building a toy and also naming the restaurant.

No doubt they, the researchers concluded that drinking tea before doing something that demands creativity will help improve one's cognitive abilities.

They believe this through the journal.

"Two natural ingredients, caffeine and theanin have a beneficial effect to focus on and are an integral part of cognitive function."

Though the study looked serious, but they admitted, "The test subjects only drank a small amount of other drinks before testing."

Exciting news of course for those who love coffee, because research has not proven in a longer period of time, which is believed to increase overall creativity.

If so, "Why do not we spend the weekend at a coffee place?" someone said from the corner.

Source: CNN Indonesia, The Independent, Food and Wine
Image: R Rumambi


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