Gastronomy Chéf Paul Bocuse Died

The sad news from France with the departure of 'Pope' culinary gastronomy at the age of 91 years

Paul Bocuse - Image Credit Gérard Collomb/Twitter

Famous French chéfs can indeed be found in several eating places in the country, but the world still recognizes Paul Bocuse is special and is considered a 'Pope of the Culinary' from among them. Unable to cope with a long-term illness, Parkinson, Paul Bocuse left everything he loved, especially the culinary world, especially the French cuisine.

The culinary world certainly feels sorrow for his departure, even twits from French Minister of Internal Affairs Gérard Collomb in his Twitter account, quoted from CNN can describe this.

"Paul Bocuse dies, the gastronomic world grieves, Paul is France, the simplicity and the grace of the day, the perfection and the art of living, the pope of the culinary world leaves us."

He was able to change many people's perceptions of French culinary, Bocuse also became the key in the creation of French nouvelle cuise (a new French art art that changed the way the presentation of elaborate old French food).

Recognition for the recognition of the world to him, you must have known about the award he received, he got three Michelin stars in 1965.

In fact, he was crowned Chéf of the Century by the Gault Millau restaurant guide in 1987, and you know Bocuse also earned Commander of the Legion of Honor, one of the highest civilian honors in 2004.

When you visit the city of Lyon, a famous restaurant with all the ingredients of a menu that can satisfy visitors, a restaurant called Auberge du Pont de Collonges which has three Michelin stars for half a century.

The menu is often presented to the guests, truffle soup and fish seabass contents in puff pastry is one of the mainstay food from Bocuse.

The President of France is certainly grieving, Emmanuel Macron, as he later said, "Bocuse is a man who is faithful to cultural roots and also to his friend in the gastronomy world."

Bocuse does continue to train the younger generation of French culinary and overseas cooks, letting them learn the secrets of Bocuse's culinary genius.

"The chéfs are crying in their kitchen, at the Elysee and elsewhere in France, but they will continue to work."

Perhaps a good expression of sadness is from fellow chéf José Andres, the famous Spanish-American chef, including one that honors Bocuse.

"The angels will hold a feast today, because Paul Bocuse joins them."

Source: CNN, C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Gerard Collomb @twitter


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