Removing Shoes on an Airplane Can Be Dangerous

In addition to causing odors that can interfere with other passengers

Inside the cabin - Image Credit Singapore Air

The smell of shoes can be said to have a distinctive aroma, perhaps for the owner not to interfere, but certainly not for others. You must have experienced this in everyday life, but it becomes a nightmare when it happens in the airplane cabin when there are other passengers who take action to open shoes during air travel.

Even if you get paid for a single ticket trip to keep the smell out of the passenger's shoes, I think you'll turn it down, like a review on detikTravel, today, regardless of triviality, but the disruption caused to other passengers can also be dangerous for the perpetrator.

As written in a later article, such as news quotes from The Sun media, the fact was expressed by former steward of one of the foreign airlines named Tony Kuna, then written on the Q & A website, Quora.

"In addition to causing unpleasant odors in the cabin, footwear or shoes are important for emergencies on the plane, even if they are not explained in flight security information."

This is not an easy situation, say in an emergency, you know when all the objects up to the surface of the cabin will block the way to the emergency exit.

"Imagine the fate of your bare feet that must run on surfaces exposed to broken glass, fire and sharp pieces of sharps."

You can understand a situation like this, as a traveler who often travels by plane, there is just a desire to take off shoes, it's good you also bring hotel slippers to anticipate just in case.

Even you are wise enough to see the possibility to understand sandals are not as good as shoes, but better than nothing.

As stated by Amanda Pleva who filled the column on the site Flyer Talk, a flight attendant, that bare feet are also a source of spread of germs.

"When you want to go to the toilet, use shoes, there is one passenger who goes to the toilet barefoot, the result he left footprints."

It is acknowledged that removing shoes is a passenger's right, but it's good to know the consequences of taking off shoes for the convenience of other passengers on board.

Of course!

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, The Sun, Quora, Flyer Talk
Image: Singapore Air


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