"Disney Beer" Will Be Coming Soon

Not only the playground for children, now they will make the parents happy with the presence of Disney processed beer

Classic Music arena at Disney - Image Credit L Priyanti

Disneyland is always attached with the word 'happy', in accordance with their motto, as the happiest place in the world, so the assumption of the children who have been to the Disney playground.

It was never imagined later when Disney management had thought of something else, because they had come to a conclusion, soon, this playground would also make the adults happy.

Many ways a playground to keep the attention of the (prospective) visitors, say by making it as a region, in addition to the playground, as well as a culinary area.

As was done by a playground for children in Italy, citing CNN Indonesia, November of last year, a playground that as 'Disneyland for food lovers,' a playground called FICO Eataly World is located in Bologna.

The Disney side saw many new opportunities, not just for children, but what if the father and mother also got the same opportunity, quoting Thrillist, this year Disneyland plans to create a brewery called Ballast Point Brewing.

You can imagine a large brewery later, the plant will be built on an area of ​​678 thousand square meters in Anaheim, California.

The Beer - Image Credit R Gurning

Do not worry, the idea of ​​where to enjoy culinary has become part of Disney's strategy, as they will also build a restaurant there, offering a typical San Diego menu.

A great moment for families who want to spend time with the people closest, imagine a happy atmosphere, Disneyland will also offer a menu of wine and cocktails.

Disney will be very enthusiastic about their plans, as their spokesperson put it, while promoting, of course.

"The original Disney beer production will be unique and will only be enjoyed at Ballast Point Brewing," he said.

But. Not all visitors are allowed to enter to enjoy "Disney beer", only visitors of a certain age, those who are over 21 years of age. Certainly!

Source: CNN Indonesia, Thrillist
Image: L Priyanti, R Gurning


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