Most Frequently Late Airlines in 2017

Airline is not timely according to OAG version

Airport of Shanghai - Image Credit D Lie

Delay in flight has become an unavoidable part, either because of various causes or situations that are beyond the control of the airline or other things that become 'force majeure'. You may have experienced it in your travels for so long, surely?

Regardless of the irritation, this can happen anywhere, and anyone in the life experience. Airlines that may be most often late from their flight schedules.

A UK-based air analysis agency, OAG, provides an overview of the airlines most frequently delayed in travel at airports in the world for 2017.

A good analysis of OAG in 2017 recently released the list of 'World's Most Punctual Airline', listed the world's most timely and least timely airline.

The data is compiled from the timeliness data of approximately 57 million surveyed flights during 2017. The measure of timeliness in this case is called on time performance (OTP) is the flight or landing which is no more than 14 minutes 59 seconds from the schedule shown.

They then sort by OTP percentage, most airlines do not timely alias often late in the world, sorted from the top 10 to the first order.

10. Xiamen Airlines Company (China) - 58.3 percent
9. Philippines AirAsia Inc. (Philippines) - 58.0 percent
8. Sunwing Airlines Inc. (Canada) - 57.9 percent
7. Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines) - 57.6 percent
6. SATA International-Azores Airlines S.A. (Azores, Portugal) - 57.1 percent

5. Indonesia AirAsia X (Indonesia) - 56.8 percent
4. LACSA-Lineas Aereas Costarricenses (Costa Rica) - 54.2 percent
3. Shenzhen Airlines (China) - 53.5 percent
2. AVIOR Airlines (Venezuela) - 53.1 percent
1. Air Inuit (Canada) - 44.6 percent

The OAG said the above data is not perfect, because it only displays data from airlines that account for 80 percent of departures so there are still airlines in the world that are not recorded in OAG data.

As for "The Most Timely Airlines" is the order in the following list.

1. airBaltic (Canada) - 90.01 percent
2. Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong) -88.83 percent
3. Hawaiian Airlines (United States) - 87.24 percent
4. Copa Airways (Panama) - 86.39 percent
5. Qantas Airways (Australia) - 86.18 percent

6. Japan Airlines (Japan) - 85.27 percent
7. Vueling Airlines (Spain) - 85.35 percent
8. Jetstar Asia (Australia) - 85.08 percent
9. Skymark Airlines (Japan) - 85.00 percent
10. Aer Lingus (Ireland) - 84.46 percent

Air passengers, especially travelers who travel certainly want punctuality by the airline, this is revealed through the timeliness data of airlines and airports in serving their passengers.

Source: KompasTravel, travelDetik, Telegraph
Image: D Lie


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