Cafe for Dogs in New York

First opened in the city in early 2018

Boris and Horton, New York - Image Credit gabzfrey

Dogs also love to hangout with their friends, and it's a good idea to happen in a town called "Big Apple", and for anyone from the townspeople can try to find out what kind of place to offer for dog lovers.

Do not even be surprised if the tourists will wonder what kind of shapes and services will be obtained the dogs who want to hangout there. After walking in all corners of the city, no one if you stop to just look around the activity in this place.

You're probably the year about the bustling news about cafe for cats, this time you can forget the cat for a moment, like the CNN Indonesia overview, January 11, the cafe for the dog that will open in New York, USA this month.

This cafe named Boris & Horton is located at 12th Street in the East Village, and will open in the middle of this month and be fully operational by the end of January.

The concept that is run by the manager is slightly different from the cafe for the cat, because the cat cafe that provides the cat to play, this dog cafe just requires visitors to bring their own pet dog.

Logan Mikhly, the owner of the cafe told Grub Street, "We want to give a different look and feel to the cat cafe, and we want to give you a taste like an ordinary coffee shop but you can play with dogs."

You can imagine the situation that can happen in a unique hangout like this, quoting The Daily Meal, dog owners will enjoy their coffee, even the menu of cafes elsewhere, and it's true that this cafe is specially designed for coffee lovers as well pet dog.

Not to be surprised if many other visitors, those who do not have a dog once, as Mikhly suggests, can visit to experience the sensation of the dog cafe to come to Boris & Horton.

A weekend in New York will be more meaningful, of course, when a cafe visitor joins a variety of activities for dog lovers. Who knows, maybe you're interested in adopting a little dog?

Source: CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: gabzfrey - Boris & Horton


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