Cocktail of Cannabis in London

The last few years bars in London serve all-round 'cannabis'

Nightclubs in London - Image Credit 'fabric'

A dish of cannabis-flavored cocktails has become one of the favorite bar diners in London, despite the controversy with this drink, but they are convinced that marijuana is believed to reduce fatigue and restore vitality. You can certainly consider yourself to enjoy a drink like this, especially when you visit London and suddenly have been in front of the bar, let's say one of the drinking places that serve it is Goat's Bar.

Bringing curiosity to the bar visitors, is there a sensation there? You can tell me later!

Interesting moments to attract visitors in the last December, you know there are two celebrations there, namely Christmas and New Year No wonder when various other restaurants and venues race to attract visitors with a flood of discounts or attractive offers during the end of the year.

Well, like the reviews on CNN Indonesia, December 29th ago, at this time also is not wasted a bar in London, England. The bar, Goat in Chelsea released a cocktail with marijuana extract to celebrate the new year, a drink that was later named Astoria.

They, the bar manager said, quoted the Daily Mail, "Astoria contains vodka and fruit mix."

Astoria cocktail reportedly can provide a relaxed sensation for its customers, thanks to the existing marijuana extract in it. Of course it will be controversial as well as the sensation, as presented by the Goat's manager.

"The content of cannabis extract in its processed drinks this time is controversial."

Although later they say that the content of marijuana is claimed to have medical benefits as an anxiety-reducing. You will believe that if the audience of a £ 10 pound of Astoria will be able to dance until midnight, including during the year-end celebrations.

For visitors to the bar in the night in London, would not be unfamiliar with the presence of cannabis-flavored drinks such as Astoria, because in addition to Astoria, previously there Cannabis Energy Drink made from hemp seed, a plant that similar to marijuana.

They also know by serving typical drinks such as Relax by Rawligion which is a mixture of milk containing hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water and cannabidiol oil are also found in marijuana plants.

A foggy night will pass quietly in London, when you spend it with some friends, you know if it does not contain the addictive substance typical of marijuana. Something is sure your body feels more calm.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Mail
Image: 'fabric' London Page


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