'Boss Baby', Favorite Movie in Flight

Film became one way of banishing boredom in flight

Qantas Boeing 747–400 at Los Angeles International Airport - Image Credit skinnylawyer

Watching the best movies of the month can happen on an airplane trip, and this is common when you're riding a commercial aircraft that offers their various facilities. Especially when you know you want to make a long flight, so from the beginning have made preparations to avoid being bored in the journey.

No wonder if that's what many passengers are doing, they have prepared to watch a movie or series that is done as an activity to repel boredom.

Let's say you've been inside the airplane cabin, the choice of movie movies in flight is available, even before you fly you can see the list of movies to be aired on the airline website you choose.

You can see some passenger experiences, citing a review on CNN Indonesia, January 16, Qantas, the Australian-based carrier recently released the list of movies and series most watched by passengers during last year's flight.

They show you what movies are popular today, and you never suspect that animated films are a favorite choice of Qantas airline passengers.

See examples of the animated film 'Boss Baby' at the top, then another choice on the next sequence, 'Logan', 'Hidden Figures', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'The Beatles' and 'Where to Find Them', 'Lion' 'La La Land', 'Baywatch', 'Kong: Skull Island', and 'Baby Driver'.

You're not surprised if movies like 'Game of Thrones' top the list of the most watched television series during the flight, and there's also the next rank of 'Modern Family'.

How about a documentary film? Of course there are, say some that passengers enjoy, such as 'Planet Earth II' at the top and 'Why Are We Fat?' in second place.

Passengers do love the opportunity to watch movies in flight, and this happens in Qantas flights carried over 22 million hours over the past year.

You certainly can understand the plane's passengers' tendency, they are interested to see the movies and the newly released series, while comedy becomes the most commonly chosen genre.

The airline is being anticipative in service to their passengers, even the Qantas insert an anonymous rating engine on a screen per bench, so they can get the favorite title data and watch duration per passenger.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Qantas
Image: skinnylawyer via Wikipedia


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