Welcome to Hotel California, Mexico

A similarly named hotel with a famous song title operates since 1950

Hotel California - Image Credit Hotel California Baja

The Hotel California subconsciously immediately reminded anyone who had experienced a period some 40 years ago, to a place, to memories, college friends or anyone, and that was the title of the famous song of the time, around 1976 and kept on 80-90s.

Nobody suspected that there was a real hotel actually in Mexico since the 1950s, and caused a long debate between one party with the other.

You will remember the lyrics written by The Eagles' vocalist, Don Henley, who describes the abstraction of the hangout spot in America at a time in those years.
"Welcome to the Hotel California ...
Such a lovely place,
Such a lovely face ... "
That singer of the famous musical group, The Eagles, quotes CNN Indonesia, January 29, and still sounds occasionally when you go to a drink in downtown.

The commotion had occurred, the case of the struggle for the name of Hotel California occurred, regardless there is no one knows, if a similar hotel is present and operating in Mexico.

At first, the music group, The Eagles said that the title of the song is copyrighted and accused the California Hotel of imitating it without official permission.

There is no other way but to find a way out to agree to both parties to the dispute, the hotel owner, Hotel California Baja LLC, stated that it was allowed to continue to use the name Hotel California.

Hotel California, Baja - Image Credit Hotel California Baja

This is in accordance with the official broadcast by the hotel quoted by Reuters.

"Our hotel has nothing to do with the work of a band of the same name."

In essence as their explanation, that did not ever imitate the name of the hotel.

"We also do not offer our business with the name of the work."

Take time to travel to Mexico, you'll arrive in the town of Todos Santos, which is not far from the area with the beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

There's nothing wrong, you can listen to the song again, and listen to the song lyrics in a place to drink in a beautiful tourist area with beaches and culinary charm that can be an attraction to come to this region.

Source: Reuters, CNN Indonesia
Image: Hotel California Baja, Mexico


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