Smartphone at Risk in Extreme Weather Venue

Tourist attractions that are in extreme weather conditions threaten the age of mobile phones

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 and an iPhone 6S- Image Credit Senado Federal

The age of the smartphone is dependent on many variables that are assembled, of course, one of usage age and the frequency of the user's busyness itself. The same thing can happen in tourist places, where the tourists will often use it for various purposes.

The usefulness of the mobile phone or smartphone is admittedly increasing with a variety of features that make it easy, such as quotes from CNN Indonesia, and help the wearer. Let's say one is the need to record images, take pictures and even use the map on the way.

Users often forget that smartphones also depend on their age, as the years go by, they have problems with the battery or the screen.

Use at tourist sites often occurs in outdoor situations, allowing for abrasions to occur on the screen, or cracks. Certainly needs to be done anticipation, like the reviews in USA Today, save a mobile phone during a tour, whether in winter or summer.

Keep in the bag. Extreme temperatures invite the risk of outdoor mobile phone use, it is recommended to store in the bag until the temperature returns to normal.

Certainly meant to protect the inside of the mobile phone does not freeze or melt.

Do not charge the battery immediately. Before recharging the battery power, it is best to feel the temperature coming out of the mobile phone, whether it gets too hot (when used at high temperatures) or gets too cold (when used in low temperatures).

Wait until it returns to its original temperature before plugging it with the charger cable, so that the battery lasts longer.

Turn off the phone. Avoid wearing in extreme weather, let's say one of them occurs suddenly discharged battery or blackening of the inner screen. In fact, mobile phones can explode.

In idle state, you should turn off the mobile phone to avoid it.

Use a protector. You can choose a protector that is not too "tight", so the mobile phone can still "breathe". Some other options such as anti-dust protection, anti-impact and anti-water, so the mobile phone so safe when brought travel.

Travel places have their own character, including extreme weather that can happen at any time. Likewise while maintaining mobile phones and enhancements, such as credit card bags to battery chargers.

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Source: CNN Indonesia, USA Today
Image: Senado Federal via Wikipedia


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