5 Ways to Enjoy Wine

Now wine can also be enjoyed at cafes, bars, malls, and other restaurants in the city center

The Wine, illustration - Image credit Mick Stephenson

Enjoying wine has become one of its own art, maybe not everyone knows how best or most appropriate, But, In general there is a decent guide to just be known as a way of beginning before entering a more perfect stage or plenary as this classy beverage lovers.

Perhaps so far people only know when the wine presented as an exclusive beverage, quoted CNN Indonesia, October 15, because only served in the hotel or fine dining restaurant, wine can now be enjoyed at cafés, bars, malls, and various types of restaurants.

However, many people do not know how to get the most right wine, of course you can not compare it to tea or coffee. Certainly!

A marketing manager of Hatten Wines Bali a few days ago, R Candra Dewi, gave some easy tips to be remembered by beginners who will enjoy wine.

1. Types of glasses

You can notice the type of glass used, generally used to drink white wine is a long glass with a stalk underneath. Wine lovers will hold the stalk without touching the body of the glass because it will affect the temperature of wine to be drunk.

In contrast to red wine that uses a smaller convex glass and width, because it will affect the aroma of wine produced.

2. Turn the glass

Wine enthusiasts will turn the glass first slowly to remove the distinctive aroma of wine. Keep in mind, not all types of wine must be played before drinking.

You know if sparkling wine that uses a tall glass, no need to play because there is foam in it.

3. Smell the aroma

This is done to get a perfect taste, breathe in the aroma of wine. You can enjoy the aroma of each type of wine that affects the quality of wine.

Note if the aroma of alcohol is more dominant, then the quality of wine has been reduced.

4. Do not swallow directly

Breathe slowly and do not swallow. If swallowed directly, then the only taste of alcohol.

This is where complaints often arise from beginner drinkers about the taste of wine is not good, you can enjoy the taste of wine in the mouth for some time.

Fill the whole mouth to taste the wine aroma.

5. The taste of wine

This is the best art by recognizing a good wine, a wine with a balance of taste between acid, sweet, or slightly bitter.

If only one that feels, then certainly the quality of wine has declined.

A good method for any wine connoisseur will also feel a tremendous sensation. And that was a special moment with wine.

Source: Priska Sari Pratiwi - CNN Indonesia, Hatten Wines Bali
Image: Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia


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