Wine with Sweet Chocolate Sense Sensation

Spanish Red is the newest product from Rubis

Rubis chocolate wine - Image Credit Rubis Wine

Wine with chocolate is a combination that may not be too common, so people think it. Even you would agree with this, but not so according to a British wine company, Rubis Wine. You'll be curious to try out the latest flavors of them, but worth trying.

The fact that has happened is the variety of wine is now more diverse, especially now present wine with a sweet sensation of soft chocolate flavor.

You do not need to eat chocolate and then enjoy wine separately, do it simultaneously, quoting an article in detikFood, October 26, a British wine company, makes a wine with chocolate called Spanish Red.

Of course will make wine fans feel a new sensation, what's wrong with this one? Citing Delish, October 25, Spanish Red as a new variant has been officially launched through Aldi's 2017 wine advent calendar.

Something you need to know, that Spanish Red is made from a mixture of Tempranillo grapes with premium chocolate, certainly makes chocolate a dominant one, the specific is dark chocolate flavor, then there is a taste of cherry, figs and plums that tasted in this wine.

Tempranillowine - Image credit Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia

They suggest that this new kind of drink be served as a dessert, you can present it with ice even if it is possible to drink it straight away.

According to some wine friends, you not only see new wine promotions through Aldi, Spanish Red is also sold through the online sites of The Drink Shop and The Whiskey Exchange at an affordable price. But need to prepare the purchase cost of about USD 15.

Indeed when you see the display presented by Aldi, will show a dish of various types of wine preparations, currently you can see 24 bottles of mini wine with variants red, white, rose, fizzy wine and chocolate wine.

Wine lovers will feel pampered with the latest variety of wine products, especially for Spanish Red and other dishes available online from November 1, 2017. That's great!

Source: N Fadhillah - detikFood, Delish
Image: Rubis Wine Page


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