Bugs Often Stopped on the Tourist Body

The hotel was the cause, but some guests contributed to the population of lice or bug

Relax in the lobby of the hotel terrace - Image Credit G Badaruzzaman

Bugs in the room hotel is a kind of disaster that you do not want to face in your journey, especially when traveling. Probably for most people the presence of lice is common in homes, but you also need to be aware of bugs or ticks can also be found during a trip.

Maybe already realized if the lice can perched anywhere, even can follow a walk on someone's body. Citing an article on CNN Indonesia, today, that anyone can be a flea or bug carrier, especially when dirty clothes are stored in a suitcase or backpack bag piled up for days.

Of course if you do not want to share lice, you should avoid storing dirty clothes when traveling. Who does not like a clean and healthy state when traveling to a tourist?

You probably know that a few months ago, quoting Travel and Leisure, Parisians complained about the presence of lousy tourists, as they struggled against bug attacks, crawling through their dwellings, especially on mattresses.

As later reported that many hotel owners got a bug attack, it is certain there are tourists from certain countries who stay before.

But. Let's look closely at first, say about the dirty clothes, there is indeed a relationship between dirty clothes and fleas already proven in the scientific research of the University of Sheffield that is published in Scientific Reports.

The research certainly takes place carefully and carefully, that it is true to mention that bugs prefer to settle in dirty clothes rather than clean clothes.

The series of tests did show after the test, by putting two dirty, clean bags together with a collection of lice or bugs, in a closed room.

They noticed that within two days the result was known, that more lice perched on a dirty bag.

This means that it is quite clear, even in addition to clothes or luggage is dirty, the research team also said that the bugs prefer to breed in the body of a dirty and smelly human.

A good note for travelers on the go, of course you do not want to get infected with these crazy bugs, as the researchers suggest.

"As a hotel guest keep a clean clothes in a closed place and always remember to clean the body after the activity from outside the room."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: G Badaruzzaman


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