Flash Disk on the Side of the Road Contains Heathrow Airport Security Secrets

A man tripped a flash disk on a side street in Ilbert Street area, 10 km from the airport

Terminal Five Airport Heathrow - Image Credit Citizen59

The security data on the disk of any institution is an important part of the institution in various parts of the world, especially when it concerns the data of many people related to the security of an airport. You can imagine when it goes to irresponsible parties.

This time a man in Britain, quoting an article on detikTravel, Monday, October 30, he tripped over a flash disk on the side of the road, and you'd be surprised if it was the security system of a major airport in England.

He did not want to be named, accidentally tripped on a flash on Ilbert Street, 10 miles from Heathrow Airport, and then rushed to a library, surprised to see the entire contents of the flash disk containing important files about the security of Heathrow Airport.

Questions arising from many circles.

"How come the flash is lying on the street?"

According to the statements obtained from him, there are 76 files accompanied by airport security maps. Even in detail he saw also there are videos that are not in encryption and do not use password.

Lucky for him, because he decided immediately handed the important flash to the authorities.

Correctly in accordance with information obtained from the Sunday Mirror, the missing drive contains 2.5 GB of important security information, even including the exact route used by the Queen of England while traveling to airports and security measures to protect the Queen, anti-terror patrol schedules, a map showing the exact location of the CCTV camera, and details of tunnels and shaft runways connected to the railway.

British Airways at Terminal 5 - Image Credit eGuide Travel

There are also routes used by cabinet ministers and foreign officials, and identification required to access the airport area, and information about the radar system used to scan the runway.

You can imagine what happens when the contents of a flash disk fall on anyone who is not responsible, because some documents are categorized as "Confidential" or "For the Rested" but still readable, the man said.

Remarkable given the flash disk drive appeared several weeks after the threat of British terror increased to critical following a bomb attack at London's Green Tube Parsons station in September.

Security sources told the Sunday Mirror about this very risky incident.

"In the wrong hands, this flash will represent a deep threat in terms of terrorism or espionage.The security services do not want this file leaked or sold to the enemy."

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Sunday Mirror
Image: Citizen59 and eGuide Travel via Wikipedia


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