Museum of Secret Agents in New York

Will be officially opened in December 2017

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

Spy agent movies always tempt many people to come to the movies or other movie venues, even someone can rent some spy movie videos just to spend a weekend night with someone a friend or other friends. I believe it will be an exciting and fun night. Certainly!

An interesting article reviewing a museum, merely to describe the role of "James Bond" or perhaps another secret agent in the movie "Jason Bourne" or the "Kingsman", quotes CNN Indonesia, October 20, perhaps for most people to agree, that being a secret agent is the coolest job in the world.

But. Now a more real picture can be found, especially for those who act as spy agents can see firsthand a place, the Spyscape Museum in New York City.

You can see in detail how these professions perform their duties, the various things about the secret agent profession will be unraveled.

A great museum, citing the reviews in Lonely Planet, according to the promotion that the museum is made with interactive contemporary technology, so visitors can share the experience of being a secret agent.

Wait until next December, not only from government secret agents, this museum will also display the work of investigative journalists who have solved important cases.

Can imagine the great events that have become history, all can be revealed with real, the management trying to tell it as balanced as possible to the visitors.

Visitors can walk around the museum, view live and play in the interrogation space rides, hacking space rides and security rooms.

As written in the article, the Spyscape Museum was designed by an architect who also designed the Smithsonian Museum, a museum popular with visiting tourists in Washington.

Before entering the museum area, the visitors who visit the interesting place will need to pay entrance fee of US$ 39 per person, it will guarantee the satisfaction and curiosity of the visitors.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: E Widi


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