Steenstraetse Hoppewijn, Wine Beer Flavor

White wine from Belgium that has a touch of bitter taste from beer

The Beer - Image Credit R Gurning

The famous wine maker of this country is indeed a person who is dedicated to his drink creations, he tries a new flavor and hopes people will love it. Filip Decroix, 49, created Steenstraetse Hoppewijn known as white wine.

Indeed in this country people prefer beer than other types of beverages, and as Belgians, he really knows how to taste the best of the people around him and create a wine with a unique flavor variant.

He had done other experiments before, a few years ago he made a white wine combined with poppy seed extract, even popular in the plains of England.

He thinks of a new creation, such as the CNN Indonesia review, September 27, as a beverage-making dream guaranteed to be a people's choice, a combination of Chardonnay and Belgian-hop makes him compelled to make it the latest choice that may be popular.

Through several stages of test and preparation of beverage materials, and the cost is certainly not cheap, then he faced a complicated process, a long step.

Filip did various experiments, and found that details such as temperature and maturity of the hops influenced the taste of wine.

As written in Oddity Central, he carefully searches for the right alloy to gain a certain flavor.

"Determining the right hop variant is very important. I tried 13 types and finally chose two combinations, one with the right scent on the nose, the other in the mouth."

Precisely in last April, he had perfected his recipe and various sommeliers, wine experts had tried Steenstraetse Hoppewijn.

"I sometimes feel like Don Quixote in the wine world, but this time I have a winner. Many experts who tasted Hoppewijn since April and their comments are very promising. I really believe in this product.

As a result of all his later work, there are now three thousand bottles of Steenstraetse Hoppewijn ready to ship and are now making a second batch of eight thousand bottles.

Drinking places soon became a destination, Filip only planned to distribute them to restaurants and alcohol shops in Ypres.

No wonder if he is considering partnering with a beer café that wants to offer a unique drink to their customers.

OK! Let's have a beer on this weekend!

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: R Gurning


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