Jack Daniel's Flag Misunderstood as ISIS Flag

Funny incident in Switzerland after someone put a Jack Daniel's flag on the front pole of his house

Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey with Tennessee Honey and Tennessee Fire at a Jack Daniel's themed bar - Image Credit Aneil Lutchman

This type of alcoholic beverage has become one of its own favorites with Jack Daniel's is one of the foremost. For fans of course know the meaning of the logo of Jack Daniel's Old No 7, a popular feature and immediately get the attention of them, oval-shaped structure shrouded in artistic scribbles around the image.

Fans easily tell all about this drink, the American whiskey product, was founded by renowned drink refiner Jasper Newton (Jack) Daniel in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

This time a fan in Zürich, Switzerland, can be said to get a unique experience as well as quite funny, whatever it is. The 29-year-old man, quoting CNN Indonesia, October 11, received an anonymous message from his neighbor after installing the flag of Jack Daniel's suspected ISIS flag on his front post.

He wanted his identity unnecessary to know, an unexpected incident when putting up a Jack Daniel's flag with an Italian flag for thinking it was funny.

The neighbors were disturbed, considering that the black-colored flag with white writing from Jack Daniel's was the ISIS flag because it had the same color.

A message pointed from someone in his mailbox, quoting Indy100, "Do we have to be afraid of you. First Italian flag is now a black flag of death. Are you a sympathizer of ISIS?"

Of course he was shocked by the message.

"I was really stunned when I read it."

Then he explains the purpose of putting up the flag, that the flag symbolizes Jack Daniel's not an extremist act.

Zürich city police also revealed if someone received an anonymous message to immediately report it.

He goes around to ask his neighbors, who sent the message. You can guess, if no one will admit, even if the message has been written 'a worried neighbor'.

"We want to know who's in charge. When we're referred to as ISIS supporters, it's an insult."

It's natural to feel uncomfortable, and close the window so no one can see inside the house.

Jack Daniel's flag is still fluttering gallantly on the pole in front of his house on the grounds of justifying the allegations addressed to him.

Source: Rahman Indra - CNN Indonesia, Indy100
Image: Aneil Lutchman via Wikipedia


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