Garlic Coffee from Aomori

New variant of coffee in Japan with a taste of coffee but without decaf

The Coffee Time - Image Credit N Rosdiana

Coffee on weekends is a different kind of experience and fun for everyone, even you will try to fulfill an appointment with someone when the time to meet has arrived. Who does not want to spend an afternoon with a friend, but wants to enjoy a slightly different drink. Of course.

This time you can slightly frown, but you will laugh happily when hearing the efficacy of this new drink.

You have to believe, especially for them, to quote CNN Indonesia, October 18, coffee lovers who want to enjoy coffee but without decaf, then this garlic coffee could be the next escape.

A Japanese man, Yokitomo Shimotai, 74, who owns a coffee shop in Aomori Prefecture, found a way to cultivate a garlic powdered herb, as he put it in an interview in the New Straits Times on Monday, October 16.

"This coffee could be the first in the world," of course no one would argue with it.

"This coffee does not contain caffeine, so it's good for those who want to drink coffee at night or pregnant women."

Shimotai is indeed a diligent in trying something, he takes the time of development of processed trials over 30 years in search of the best potion, something unexpected.

When he burned the steak with some garlic in his coffee shop.

At that time he took a spoon of garlic, then mix it with warm water, and he was surprised! He felt the sensation of a cup of coffee in his mouth complete with its bitterness.

That's when he realizes a new finding, Shimotai began to examine this drink further and after going through many trials, he created a recipe that he said 'fit' five years ago.

You want to know how he found the method?

He cultivated unusual beans using an electric furnace to bake the garlic. Then after the cooling process, and the processed garlic seeds can be brewed.

An idea that comes as a fortune to Shimotai and then register a patent for his method in 2015, even opening a workshop in Iwate Prefecture.

The new sensation of garlic coffee, he convinced anyone, even though the aroma of this coffee strong garlic, but not make bad breath, because it has been through the roasting process.

Source: Rahman Indra - CNN Indonesia, New Straits Times
Image: N Rosdiana


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