More Tourists Traveling to Get "Likes"

The impact of social media that penetrate the tourists who 'selfie' or photo travel pose in the tourist area

Aurora Borealis that always get the attention of tourists - Image Credit V Saver

Selfie and travel photography can make anyone envy, especially close friends or other family members who know a tourist who is on vacation. Extraordinary impact especially after the presence of various social media sites that are image-based or photo and live stream media.

You can simply reject the notion, but the reality in everyday life often sees some friends who react negatively to selfie photos of friends who are traveling.

One can just peek friends' Instagram who are traveling, quoting CNN Indonesia, October 24, and trigger a feeling of envy, especially if the holiday place has been dreamed for a long time.

Proven through a study, today is more and more tourists who travel with the purpose of uploading something on social media, in order to get the "likes".

They, researchers from the University of Georgia, USA, cited Travel and Leisure, collected 758 respondents who were questioned about the planned trips in Cuba.

The choice as a subject is a trip to Cuba, because this area is considered cool by most tourists, the area is re-excited, regardless of the access of US tourists to visit is still limited.

The respondents looked enthusiastic, and they admitted that if they had the chance to come to Cuba, they would upload a lot of things on social media.

"I'm optimistic when I travel to Cuba, then my photo uploads will get a lot of 'like'," said one respondent, and appeared to be approved by his friends.

Those who plan to come to Cuba to upload something on social media are tourists who plan to come in the near future.

But opinions differing from respondents who have not planned to come in the near future think otherwise.

It seems that the attitude of tourists like this, especially tourists who like to show off in social media also examined from this study.

You need to take the positive side of all these things, the "show-off tourists" benefit the sights visited. A great example is Iceland, one of the coldest places in the world that is now crowded by tourists who come to photograph the natural phenomenon of Northern Lights or otherwise known as "Aurora Borealis".

They, as featured in the media, have an intrinsic tourist destination, which comes to an unpopular tourist spot on social media. Of course, all have a broad positive impact, the more unique the sights are, the more they will want to go there.

The researchers gave a description of the current trend of travel that continues to grow among respondents.

"Sights with lots of potential social media uploads benefit from this travel trend. Popularity will give new value to a place."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: V Saver


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