Thousands of Palm Trees Will Disappear from LA

A Los Angeles city icon that waves along the road is about to leave the town

Hollywood - Image Credit Discover LA

The Palm Trees in LA are identical to them when the Palm trees are so attached to the subconscious of anyone who has ever been there. Who can imagine this city without the Palm trees, but the development and dynamics of nature make many limitations that make the city government consider the re-planting of these beautiful trees.

It seems that various considerations due to natural factors and the characteristics of Palm trees are the main reason, citing an article in CNN Indonesia, today, the LA City Government plans to no longer plant Palm trees, because it takes too long to grow them.

You know if these tree lovers already understand how the growth rate, say to grow new trees as a substitute, is estimated to take 30 to 50 years.

The time to go back to being just too long, so the quote in Travel and Leisure, and no one knows what happens in the future, that within the next five years, the Palm trees that exist today will die.

It is not too many people in this city who knows, but at first the Palm trees planted by property developers to attract people living in LA.

LA area has been known since a long time ago, the presence of movie studios, maybe you remember the famous movie, "La La Land" which presents the beauty of Palm trees as a movie background, many scenes on the streets of LA, and so it happens in various other films, then make the palm tree is considered a city icon.

You can imagine one day, if the city of Los Angeles without the Palm trees.

The fact that the city government has to deal with is that in recent years, many Palm trees have died. You also know when in addition because of age also because of the impact of fungus.

Natural factors in the region make a lot of things happen, rise in environmental temperature, and the price of one Palm tree increasingly expensive around US $ 20 thousands makes the city government to think twice to grow it.

In an interview at The Guardian, LA City Government spokesman Elizabeth Skrzat has explained.

"LA needs a tree that does not need to be watered too much but gives plenty of oxygen. We need a tree that is more palatable than a palm tree."

The city is getting hotter, the city government will think of other types of trees that are more shady. The beauty of Palm trees is not enough to dissipate the heat around.

Do not worry about the reality that can happen in the future, the tourists would still be able to see the beauty of Palm trees in certain areas, say the main area of Hollywood.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, The Guardian
Image: Discover LA @instagram


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