Las Vegas, Paradise in the Barren Desert

The shooting tragedy that occurred on Sunday, October 1 night hit the tourism industry there

Mandalay Bay in the city center, Las Vegas - Image Credit Las Vegas @IG

Las Vegas shooting evokes horror and shock, and it can be said to be the darkest terror event in American history in a shooting case at the Route 91 Harvest music concert at Mandalay Bay Casino. Las Vegas is known initially as a legal area to conduct gambling activities in America and is able to become one of the center of attention of the world's tourists to visit this region.

Of course not all tourists can directly play in the gambling arena, because the requirements of people aged 21 years and over, and they, the tourists will be asked to show identity cards.

Known as one of the options to travel in America with distinct distinguishing features, dry and arid desert areas, before casino games are introduced, and as the United States Bureau of Statistics and Manpower reports, Las Vegas and the surrounding area are able to accommodate more of a quarter of a million people work in hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos.

The shooting incident last Sunday, October 1, citing CNN Indonesia, today, which brought casualties as many as 59 people were killed and more than 527 injured could be said to have devastating effects on the region, and of course hitting the tourism industry in this 'desert paradise'.

You can understand if the area is able to attract visitors and travelers with a specific interest in all the available facilities, citing CNN, that the Las Vegas tourism industry accounts for about 44 percent of local government revenues, and even exceeds Orlando and Florida revenues, which owns Disney World and Universal Studio playground.

The region with 2.2 million inhabitants is able to attract about 43 million tourists per year, and according to statistics that the number has risen as much as 10 percent since a decade ago. You also can see the data presented that the money spent reached US$ 35 billion from millions of tourists who visit.

The exotic warm areas near the Mojave Desert, have always attracted the attention of tourists, especially at certain times, such as March, April, May, October and November, as the temperature is more shady.

Tourists do not always want to play in the gambling arena, because they can visit other attractions, such as The Mirage Aquarium, The Adventured at Circus Circus, Bellagio Botanical Gardens, Bellagio Fountain Show to Flamingo Garden or other outdoor tour packages.

Always a lot of thrill in Las Vegas, and gets an incredible portion of the news, the tourists will even get used to seeing the presence of celebrities who are also visiting and will perform in downtown.

But the shooting incident that occurred in the area of ​​Mandalay Bay feared by many parties in America will have a very wide impact will reduce the number of tourists visit there.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: Las Vegas @instagram


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