Often Eating Alone at Risk for Health and Longevity

Urban lifestyles make people become more busy and eat alone in a hurry

Culinary streets, London - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Weekend with friends to enjoy a great hangout moment, certainly be the dream of many people. Not always get the right time to meet in the midst of busy work and other routines in one's life.

But. A study gives a surprising result, wanting to be healthy and live longer should not often eat alone!

Good reviews in detikFood, today, like you know urban people are so busy, even sprung a special restaurant for those who want to eat alone. It's a tempting restaurant to visit, a table with just one chair and a quiet atmosphere.

You're right to say that eating alone will enable you to concentrate on food, calm and more delicious.

Research on 7,725 adults over the age of 19, published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, as featured in Daily Meal, October 27, says people who eat alone at least twice daily will be more susceptible to metabolic syndrome than those who eating with friends.

One may say that being able to invite pet cats, or other pets as a friend while eating, the fact that the metabolic syndrome is a term for a large number of abnormal metabolites is classified as a life-threatening risk.

Evidently those who experience metabolic syndrome more easily experience diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure and even at risk of death.

It is clear that male respondents who eat alone are 45% more likely to be obese, while 64% are more at risk for metabolic syndrome. For women the results showed a 29% higher risk of metabolic syndrome, and researchers took into account other factors such as income and lifestyle, the increase was considered unimportant.

Regardless of other factors that also determine, such as lifestyle, including stress, emotional stability and diet also plays a role.

Weekends are a good time to make time to relax with friends or family members nearby, for men eating alone twice or more each day tends to make them unhappy, unlike women who are more adaptive to the situation.

Men are more difficult to enjoy eating alone.

Source: O Winneke Setiawati - detikFood, Daily Meal
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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