Yellow Card For Mobile Phone Users at Restaurant

A penalty sanction for visitors at the French restaurant "The Petit Jardin"

Street of Paris - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Vacation to Paris or more challenging when you're on vacation in a place in France in general, you can visit a desolate village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. Of course the next question, why? There is something unique will be experienced by the visitors of a restaurant there.

You will experience interesting things, say you are waiting for food to come, well at this moment most people would choose to play the phone. But. Do not do that while in the restaurant The Petit Jardin, the owner of the restaurant Hean-Noel Fluery has a hard rule for visitors who eat there.

Restaurant customers will be shocked, citing CNN Indonesia, today, because the restaurant owner, Fluery forbids his customers to use their cell phones while in the restaurant, of course he has a reason solely on behalf of shared pleasure and comfort.

You know, if it turns out there are restaurant guests looking for loopholes and then using their phones, and the waiter will not rebuke you directly, but will blow the whistle and give you a yellow card like in a soccer game.

More trouble when caught by the maid twice, then they will be given a red card. You know that the guest must leave the restaurant immediately.

Evidently, as written by The Local, Fluery revealed ever several times to send his customers home.

"Some people refuse to put down their phones and reveal that they do not like the rules and leave," he said excitedly.

There is no other choice.

"I do not mind, I prefer that person to eat at another restaurant.There are three restaurants in this village."

They, the customers may be annoyed.

"If they get angry or upset about this rule, then they have to go. We explain this rule before they go in. They want to turn off their phones when they go to the movies, why not eat them at a restaurant?"

Restaurant diners do know this notice when they enter the restaurant, a big board in front of the restaurant.

But. You know when most people who get a yellow card usually put their phone for comfort together.

"In the French tradition, we have to talk to each other while eating."

As then known in general, not everyone likes the rules made Fluery. There are even complaints related to banning the use of mobile phones, especially from young peoples.

"We got a lot of unflattering comments on the Facebook page of a young man who did not like the rules and was offended by being shown a yellow card in front of everyone."

Response differs from the parents, they feel comfortable because they can talk familiar with their kids without disturbing ringing by their mobile phone.

You may be able to make time for this restaurant, and know in addition to the rules about mobile phones, there seems to be a ban on cola drinks, ketchup and mayonnaise. It is okay!

"Our aim to lift local products, we have fresh juices from local gardens instead of cola drinks."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Local
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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