Airplane Seat Position Reflect Your Personality

Have you ever observed what type of passenger is more?

At the airport tarmac - Image Credit V Arifin

Seating on the plane apparently indirectly shows who will be the passenger of the plane, without the need to ask more, in general you will know the type of person who has chosen a seat in an airplane. It's amazing to quickly know who you're dealing with one day, just to see someone sitting where on the plane.

But. That's how it can be analyzed from one side, the development of one's emotions, personality and character in an airplane journey.

Indeed, as quoted KompasTravel, October 23, everyone has their own preference when choosing a seat in the airplane cabin, there is a choice of seats, most do opt for seats next to the window, or chairs next to the hallway, and only a few are forced to sitting in the middle.

Dr Becky Spelman, Psychological Head of Harley Street's Private Therapy Clinic, was quoted as saying from Lonely Planet has given a clear description of someone's personality while their choosing a seat in the plane.

"Passengers who like to sit next to the window tend to be in control and tend to be 'everyone is there for them' as they go through life."

She gave a statement that people who like to sit next to a window tend to be offended, as well as having their own world.

Another personality psychologist, Jo Hemmings, also agrees that people who love to sit next to a window tend to be more selfish, less anxious, and more confident if they have to interfere with people.

Different things with passengers who like to sit next to the cabin aisle hall, Spelman mentioned tend to be quiet, not easily offended, and more attention to the needs of others.

You can immediately guess if the person who likes to sit next to the aisle has a problem with the bladder (often to the toilet) and a dark phobia, Spelman said further.

And then Hemmings added about this type of passengers.

"Passengers who like to sit next to the aisle are more friendly because their position is more easily greeted by others, but these passengers tend to be easily anxious and have trouble sleeping on the plane."

Now what are you looking at, what type of passenger is more?

Let's take research from Expedia in 2014, that indeed there are 55 percent of passengers prefer seats next to the window. While the rest prefer to sit next to the aisle of the airplane cabin.

Source: Silvita Agmasari - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: V Arifin


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