The Best Cities for Shopping Tourism

20 cities in the world that became the main shopping destination of tourists

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

Vacation and shopping seem to be an inseparable part, as are some of the habits of world travelers who want to travel to the most interesting places and cities in the world. Shopping is a sort of release of tension and entertainment that can not be measured, once they tell me.

You also know if one of the activities of tourists in a tourist area is shopping, whatever it is, even starting from the basic is to buy food and drinks for breakfast.

But. Like the excerpt from travelKompas, today, it could be purchased goods can be anything, even get to know the culture, ordinances and customs of local residents is something that can be memories, and as a special object to remember the time of vacation with people nearby and friends.

Interesting cities for shopping in the world, quoting Travel and Leisure, New York City became one of the city that gives the impression for tourists who love shopping. You know when you see the windows of shops that enliven the corner of New York City always stuck in the memory of tourists.

Milan - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

There are still other cities in Europe, such as Milan, Florence and Rome being favorites, then cities in Asia, such as Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore with independent boutiques becoming favorite destinations.

20 city for shopping destinations as summarized.

1. New York City, New York
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4. Paris, France
5. Hongkong, China

6. Singapore, Singapore
7. Florence, Italy
8. Milan, Italy
9. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
10. London, England

11. Chicago, Illinois
12. Aspen, Colorado
13. Charleston, South Carolina
14. Santa Fe, Mexico
15. Rome, Italy

16. Los Angeles, California
17. Bangkok, Thailand
18. Las Vegas, Nevada
19. Hoi An, Vietnam
20. Seoul, South Korea

It seems that cities in other parts of the world can be on the list that continues to move dynamically throughout the year, especially the cities in Asia that has long been considered a shopping paradise.

Source: W Putri Novianty - travelKompas, CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: E Widi, M Paath Djononegoro


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