Venice Will Not Drown

Researchers believe Venice can sink by 2100

The Canal, Venice - Image Credit M Marina Bartels

Drowning cities can be found in various places in the world, according to research there are certain impacts of land subsidence, say the impact of global warming and urban sprawl, due to excessive exploitation of the urban environment. Some researchers' concerns about durability in the longer-term sustainability.

Worries on the earth are natural when humans can not resist the continued excessive and destructive exploitation.

Venice is in danger of drowning, citing travelKompas, today, according to news circulated since ten years ago. Venice continues to set at 6 cm every 10 years, there is no other way than to do rescue measures.

If according to the calculations made by them, the researchers, then Venice can sink in 2100, so it is natural that the Italian government strives to complete anticipation program in 2011.

Tourists who have previously visited can certainly realize firsthand, they become visually witnesses, as they huddle around St. Station. Lucia on a warm afternoon, a good opportunity for anyone.

Gondola driver - Image Credit P Djayasupena

The canal view from outside the station with the San Marco tower protruding from the roof of the building framing this romantic city, anyone can feel the unique atmosphere, the city surrounded by canals with its gondola and the water, so people typically call it "City of Water" and "City of Bridges".

In fact, this city has many bridges, tourists often along the Grand Canal, close to the San Marco square, then pass the legendary bridge Rialto Bridge, the first bridge built in Venice, initiated the manufacture of 400 other bridges on the water.

But. Canal water rose in autumn, October and November, which often resulted in the city being flooded. Just believe, the old city of Venice is still the same as it used to be, still charming and romantic.

A naturally-evoked romantic atmosphere, old buildings have been renovated to be more of a lifespan with lifts, and inviting culinary hospitality, restaurants, cafés and shops adjacent to the homes of local people.

No need to worry too much, Venice will never drown.

Source: N Dien - travelKompas,
Image: M Marina Bartels, P Djayasupena


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