Wine As Food Companion

Choosing the right wine to improve the taste of food

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A good wine to accompany someone is a most appropriate moment in the right atmosphere with a special person, especially during a weekend in a romantic place. Not every person is able to get the right wine while being with a partner in a dinner, of course, requires a sense of its own.

Say looking for a drink that can accompany food, suitable wine as a companion of food may not be easy, quoting CNN Indonesia, Sunday, October 15, can even be a disaster if incorrectly, wine will actually exacerbate the taste of food.

Now people know red wine can be combined with red meat or red meat foods, as well as white wine combined with white meat.

But. The theory is not always applicable to find the right kind of wine, time has shown, not always easy to find the right kind of wine. This is merely wine has its own character that can not be arbitrarily combined

An expert on Hatten Wines drinks in Bali, Candra Dewi shares tips on choosing the right kind of wine as a food companion.

"We have to match this type of wine to what the food is. It must be seen also the sauce, whether the cooking is boiled or baked, it's also the food pairing it will be different."

You may be facing the situation with a spicy food dish, you should choose a kind of sweet wine to neutralize the taste, like dragonfly wine. On the other hand foods made from meat can choose the type of wine that is light and fresh like rose wine.

Not easy in various situations encountered in a food dish, it could be difficult when eating during the day, and different situations can occur in the selection of types of wine for dinner purposes.

For wine connoisseurs who are in Asia, say when you're on holiday to Bali, often get a dish of spicy-flavored food, would require a kind of wine that tasted sweet. This is required by the taste buds of the tongue to get a counterweight, as neutralizing the spicy taste in the mouth.

"Spicy foods should be combined with a kind of wine that is sweet enough to be balanced, then if you eat a lot of fat, you can look for a light type of wine."

Source: P Sari Pratiwi - CNN Indonesia, Hatten Wines
Image: G Alexei


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