Apple Genetically Modified Unchanged Brown

The type of apple developed by the Canadian company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits

The Apples - Image Credit E Wijshijer

Apples that do not change color to brown can you find one day on a trip to America, of course. No one doubts the benefits of apples on various occasions, even for travelers in the world, enjoying apples is one way out to reduce hunger and even thirst. Great!

The apple carries health as well as a diet recipe, citing CNN Indonesia, Oct. 23, that there is one thing that makes people reluctant to eat apples is their color-changing flesh, because of the activity of the malignant cells in the fruit called polyphenol oxidase (PPO).

Indeed there are certain ways that people do, so as to prevent discoloration, the easiest way is to provide lemon juice or lime juice to the apple slice.

That's what happens when you bite an apple, the polyphenol oxidase enzyme (PPO) starts a chemical reaction that turns the flesh into brown, the more PPO the faster the color changes.

The Canadian company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits has succeeded in creating a new variant of apples, the arctic apple is the world's first genetically engineered apple that is claimed to not turn brown after being cut or sliced.

They guarantee that the arctic apple will retain its fresh color for several days after it is cut.

The diligent efforts of the company's founding husband and wife, Neil Carter and Louisa, took about 20 years to develop an arctic apple to reduce apple waste. They began planting their first apple trees from golden delicious varieties and granny smiths in 2003, and it took years of testing genetically modified fruits to ensure their apples did not pose a health or environmental risk.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, cites Oddity Central, arctic apples are just like conventional apples, it's just that without the change in the color of the fruit flesh so brown.

"Arctic apples have less PPO and make the fruit flesh unchanged to brown, but the tree is the same as any other apple tree."

Genetic engineering performed to suppress these PPO enzyme reactions has no effect on taste and quality, they identified four genes responsible for the production of PPO. Interesting efforts, as conveyed in an interview with The Washington Post, how they stopped the production of PPO through genetic manipulation has absolutely no ill effects.

"We see this has only a few genetically engineered roles, but more for comfort."

Despite their extraordinary efforts, pro and contra responses are coming, GMO critics say that it is not important and has not been studied. There are even others commenting that the Carter company could lie to consumers about the freshness of the fruit they sell.

Carter remains convinced of their efforts, although naturally apples of course can rot.

"Just like other apples, arctic apples will also rot, turn brownish from fungi or bacterial infections."

Say one day you see apple sellers on a trip in America, do not hesitate to enjoy the arctic apples that go on sale in fruit markets or supermarkets in America in November.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central, The Washington Post
Image: E Wijshijer


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