Food Pairing, Finding Couples for Suitable Foods-Drinks

Now people also want good looking food when uploaded into Instagram account

Serve food with food pairing - Image Credit L Priyanti

The food trend on Instagram seems to be one of obsessions, let's say that for some people, serving or uploading food photos to Instagram photo-sharing sites and of course being part of the lifestyle of the latest youth.

You know when food is certainly looking for a good taste, but now food is not just about taste, as written on CNN Indonesia, September 26, people eat also pay attention to the look, aroma and texture of food.

No one wants to argue, just say celebrity chéf Dea Vialdo, the public also wants food that Instagramable alias looks good when uploaded to their Instagram account. That is life in the present century.

Dea Vialdo delivered it in an interview in Jakarta a few weeks ago.

"Eating is not just through the mouth, but also the eyes, the looks make you excited to eat or not."

Food is now one of the objects of photography that is able to attract the special attention of the contemporary, the look, the smell, the texture and the sense of making the eating experience as if traveling or journey, she added.

Eyes catch the appearance of food, how the chef set the location of the food, then the smell is caught sense of smell. That is the moment when eaten, the tongue captures the taste and texture of food.

"If food is not texture, it's like baby food, you know when babies are fed with food without texture, one day they can get bored, it certainly applies to adults."

In fact you can find out more, it turns out the delicious food display, can miss if wrong determine the 'pair' for the type of drink selected.

Customers who are in restaurants or eating places in the city center, often people do not pay attention to what is ordered. In spite of most people more to the need to just full, so after eating, people feel food is not good.

"Food does not taste good, it's not entirely the restaurant's fault."

Noodle with soda - Image Credit Shafia N Zia

Food pairing is intended for consumers to order or process food and beverages accordingly, consideration of choosing a pair of food and drinks 'matchmaking', can make a delicious meal eaten supported drinks that fit.

Dea Vialdo convey to the culinary hunter, that in food pairing consumers can play with flavor or 'bump' two different flavors.

For example, avoid spicy food side by side with sweet and cold drinks, since the sweet and cold taste will only last while in the mouth, after which the heat will reappear.

"If it is spicy then you should drink the dairy (processed milk) to 'cut' the spicy flavor."

Another example is quite good, food with a creamy texture or taste should not be combined with a creamy drink as well, preferably combined with a drink with a fresh taste like citrus.

"Food salad nuance then the drink can choose a creamy scented, slightly acidic and soda."

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Baxter Smith Class
Image: L Priyanti - NY, Shafia N Zia


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