Best Cities to 'Hangout' Until Late Night

Hamburg has been selected by an observation from HostelWorld this year

Copenhagen - Image Credit W Sjahran

A comfortable city to hangout with friends has always been one of the choices of many travelers who are in a tourist destination anywhere in the world anywhere. Especially when the residents who live in the city is friendly in welcoming the visitors, especially the tourists.

An interesting observation from HostelWorld this year, citing CNN Indonesia, December 6, can make a good picture when making a visit to a tourist area in a country.

There is always a certain view when a traveler is in a tourist spot, say an interesting city according to the traveler's assumption, such as local residents, affordable prices, environmental safety, and adequate transportation access.

You know if it turns out a city in Germany, you certainly know the city of Hamburg, was voted the best city to hangout until late at night worldwide.

Interesting to see the reality of a city as the best choice, the port city of Hamburg in Germany is something extraordinary, quoting The Culture Trip, there are several popular nightclubs in Hamburg, among them Molotow, Gruenspan, Grosse Freiheit 36, Mojo Club and Baalsaal.

The next choice of respondents is Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Research conducted by HostelWorld in a quote from its official website, they managed to create a list based on a survey conducted on residents in 41 cities and 27 countries worldwide.

There is no doubt from most of the research respondents, they say that the night hangout in Hamburg feels more fun because of the factors mentioned above.

New York - Image Credit L Priyanti

Other towns, say Copenhagen is also the choice of respondents, but some of the prices for leisure are slightly more expensive. Regardless compared to other Scandinavian countries, the menu prices in bars and nightclubs here are practically still more affordable.

Here are ten best cities in the hangout until late by the HostelWorld version.

1. Hamburg - Germany
2. Copenhagen - Denmark
3. Berlin - Germany
4. Dublin - Ireland
5. Amsterdam - Netherlands

6. San Francisco - United States
7. Gothenburg - Sweden
8. Prague - Czech Republic
9. Warsaw - Poland
10. New York - United States

For visitors easily they will enjoy music and menu from previous eras, 80s music to contemporary music, and still available other music options such as Hip Hop, until EDM is certainly able to shake the dance floor.

Source: CNN Indonesia, The Culture Trip
Image: W Sjahran, L Priyanti


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