Cheap Plane Tickets Without Waiting for Discounts

Tips to buy a plane ticket is not in the discount season in the holiday season

Passenger to the departure gate - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Buying goods at a discounted price during a discount season is a custom, especially when a cheap bazaar is provided for travel. Indeed people will come in droves to get the best price in a tour. Luck is a possibility that can happen to anyone.

But. It's not always you're lucky to get cheap airfare, quoting CNN Indonesia, December 11, that there are actually some tips that can be done to do it off-season discounts.

Some good tips from many sources to get cheap flight tickets without waiting for the discount season.

1. Fly from transit airport

You can observe some airports that are transit airports, as tourists say on a long-haul trip, they often buy flight tickets to fly from transit airports than from airports in their origin country, on the cheaper grounds.

Tickets to fly from Jakarta to Singapore and then buy tickets to fly from Singapore to Stockholm provide cheaper prices than buying tickets directly from Jakarta to Stockholm.

You also can take advantage of a small airport called cheaper, though it takes longer. Let's say you can catch a train from Verona to Venice, then fly from Venice to Copenhagen, it will be cheaper than buying tickets directly from Verona to Copenhagen.

2. Flexible

The facility on the internet site shows many airline ticket purchase sites, you can predict cheap ticket seasons, like Skyscanner and Momondo.

It is difficult to get cheap tickets in the holiday season or on a national holiday, because all airlines must sell it with expensive price. So it is necessary to set the departure time other than Monday, Friday, Saturday, Monday or Sunday, because four days it is the most popular day for people traveling.

3. Purchase a one-way ticket

You can arrange a tactic if you have more funds and do not have a sure return date, it is advisable to buy a one-way flight ticket first. Especially when you find cheap tickets on the desired departure date.

Shanghai Airport - Image Credit D Lie

It is usual for airlines to always change prices according to the passenger's inner flight level. And you can expect a passenger airline on the desired return date.

4. Busy time

It has become common knowledge when busy routes, such as Tokyo, New York, Paris or London destinations, buy a ticket to fly around 6 am or 6 pm will be much more expensive than other hours.

So it needs a good strategy when buying the earliest or most night flight tickets to get a cheap price.

You know when the airport is still quiet, and also have more time to arrive at the destination.

5. Become an airlines member

It is strongly recommended that you become an airline member of the airline, as it can be profitable.

Let's say you're flying with airline A, it's no mistake to sign up as a member of a customer, you'll get information on cheap tickets ahead of the other passengers.

Benefits include knowing the exchange rate points or miles, members of airline customers are also more often preferred, such as given the lounge service when the plane is in transit.

Traveling should be given full attention as to make other plans in one's life. Holidays should also be planned well and seriously. Of course!

Source: CNN Indonesia
Image: M Kretyawan, D Lie


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