Favorite Destinations of Airbnb Users

Tokyo and Gangneung become popular choices this year and next year

The Rickshaw in Tokyo - Image Credit D Upala Poucin

Popular tourist destinations have always been a reference from other travelers who have never been to the location before, they will assume that if their friends like, they will think of something similar. This can naturally happen to anyone, the world traveler who dreams of reaching a favorite location.

Favorite tourist destinations are receiving great attention, such as a quote from CNN Indonesia, December 11, Airbnb compiles popular tourist destinations data later this year and for next year.

You know if they, the accommodation service provider, Airbnb, have considered where the destination of the tourists someday, making it easier for anyone, especially tourists in deciding travel destinations.

As released in their official statement, according to excerpts from the site, the top ten most popular tourist destinations of the year are Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Paris (France), New York (United States), London ), Rome (Italy), Orlando (United States), Miami (United States), Sydney (Australia), and Lisbon (Portugal).

Not only the list of popular tourist destinations for this year, they also release a list of tourist destinations that will be popular next year, is Gangneung (South Korea), Edmonton (Canada), Indianapolis (Indiana), Da Nang (Vietnam), Colombus (Ohio), Gazimaguza (Cyprus), Hanoi (Vietnam), Matinhos (Brazil), Guarapari (Brazil), and Zagreb (Croatia).

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

You can immediately see how travelers choose when traveling, according to the preferences of Airbnb users who choose to stay in their cottage-style properties, traditional houses, tent houses and caravan cars.

A good note of the release is understanding the tendency of tourists, that its users come to a city for culinary travel, historical tours, hangouts in popular places, and come to music concerts, as written in an official statement of Airbnb.

"More and more young tourists are traveling. Most of them rent the Airbnb property for a different tourist experience."

The information obtained from the Airbnb website provides an overview of the millennial tourists, the tendency of young people, millennials who always want to appear current, travel to places that are becoming hits, especially in social media.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Airbnb
Image: D Upala Poucin, E Widi


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