Shanghai Has Largest Starbucks Store

Starbucks opens the largest storefront of 30,000 square feet

Starbucks coffee bar - Image Credit Shanghai Starbucks

Drinking coffee at a famous outlet always brings anyone to a certain nuance, say on a cool morning, enjoying coffee into everything. That's what some of the millennials say, young people in the big cities of the world that have become such an epidemic and lifestyle.

No one will refuse the offer of a cup of coffee in a good moment with a friend, and the situation can bring anyone to a coffee chain outlet from Seattle, United States, which is known to have been present in various countries.

They opened new stores in Shanghai, China, and as previously known, Starbucks has come with 3,000 stores spread all over China, and does not stop to bring different ones in Shanghai.

As quoted from various media outlets, the Shanghai Roastery Store has three coffee bars, comes with a wider and more luxurious place with luxurious and futuristic architecture. You can observe on the walls and the floor there are 1,000 traditional Chinese stamps, and the frame contains the history of Starbucks outlets.

According to one of the managements, they present something that is different, drinks that are not sold in regular stores around the world.

Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz said, as quoted from Travel and Leisure, "We must bring the Reserve Roastery, the boldest and premium outlets ever to Shanghai, which is a bustling metropolis of China and one of the world's most dynamic retail destinations."

Of course they come with confidence, besides the coffee-serving outlets, they also provide Teavana for tea fans with a brewing tea stem method, and customers feel the first AR (augmented reality) experience from Starbucks.

Starbucks carries the self-confident concept, "Starbucks most ambitious project ever," which is immediately felt by the visitors who are in the arena, even the world travelers who are in Shanghai.

A glass of coffee does give the sensation of everything.

Source: detikFood, KompasTravel, Pop Sugar, Travel and Leisure
Image: Shanghai Starbucks


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