How to Sleep Comfortably During Flight

In order to recover energy after the plane arrived at the destination

Preparing to sleep in a plane cabin - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

Sleeping on an airplane flight has become one of the favorite options for some passengers, especially when they make a long journey to vacation venues in other countries. No wonder some passengers have planned even when they are still at home.

"Later I'll sleep on the plane while on the air!"

That's the plan of some would-be traveler using the services of flight, the choice to sleep, and hope all can run smoothly.

An interesting article on lifestyle sites, today, can be a great guide that covers the various aspects that can happen in aviation. Apart from some articles on this blog site have been presented in various other perspectives.

1. Choose a seat by the window

You know when the flight is long, you can choose to sit by the window, and can be considered to pay more for sitting while leaning over and uninterrupted passengers next to the back and forth to the restroom.

2. Bring objects to lean on

Of course you can prepare a scarf or a jacket to roll and make a pillow. Especially in long-haul flights, usually one passenger will be given one pillow and blanket.

Especially when you bring a scarf or a jacket, sleep will become more comfortable.

3. Do not cross the legs

The situation can happen in low-cost flights, the distance between the benches becomes shorter, so more passengers are transported. If you are used to sitting cross-legged, of course it becomes troublesome.

Better remind yourself not to cross or fold feet during flight. There are health reasons, blood circulation is not smooth because of the air pressure. You'll feel sore after getting off the plane, if you still do it.

4. Lean the bench

Indeed, when you sit in an economy or business class, tilting the seat is the best thing to sleep.

But there's nothing wrong with always asking the permission of the person sitting behind you before tilting the back of the bench.

5. Stay up late

A good strategy with little sleep on the day of departure, because it can make sleep during the flight so more soundly.

Especially when the flight takes place with different time zones, you can try, even the other advantage is not feeling jet-lag after getting off the plane.

Source: CNN Indonesia
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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