Queen Elizabeth Looking for a Chef

A golden opportunity for a culinary professional

Buckingham Palace - Image Credit W Sjahran

Working in the palace of Queen Elizabeth will probably be a career that counts by anyone who is in the culinary world, a prestigious job to work as a professional chef according to the news from the official website of the British Empire.

Imagine the opportunity given, quoted detikFood, December 24, as reported on other sources, job vacancy to fill the position of Demi Chef de Partie at Buckingham Palace, England.

The culinary world's attention momentarily focused on this news, after the news was posted on December 21 yesterday with official coverage of the royal site.

"Obviously this is not the usual Demi Chef de Partie position.In a sophisticated palace kitchen, you have to present classic and contemporary menus for various events, owning and learning skills here will be a stepping stone for a great career."

You can imagine a scenario in the royal court when someone chef gets the opportunity, described the picture of the work to be lived.

"Every day will be different, you will prepare a party meal, a state dinner and a lunch of royal staff, food is needed not only at Buckingham Palace but also in other royal dwellings."

In addition to the expertise required, of course the lucky chef has a strong mentality to be able to meet the desired qualifications with a variety of facilities that make it easier and fun.

For anyone who gets the desired position, the palace chef will receive the offered salary of £ 20,604.52, elected candidates are also provided shelter, holiday rights as much as 33 days a year and various other facilities.

It is feasible to get the position with requirements to be fulfilled by the candidates, some of which are like candidates should be ambitious, enthusiastic, communicative and have a strong passion in the culinary world.

I think it is necessary to look at every detail of the requirements, but people guess, if this chef gets a chance on the big moments of the state, it will probably be employed to process food at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018.

That would be very interesting!

Source: Devi Setya - detikFood, Fox News
Image: W Sjahran


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