Delicious and Healthy Wine Whey Tofu

As an option to enjoy wine that eliminates health reasons

Liu Shao Quan and his student - Image Credit NUS Research Singapore

Alcoholic beverages from whey tofu indeed seem to provide a reason for wine connoisseurs who previously always refused to enjoy wine. True, if their reason is a matter of health, but a new invention made of whey tofu proved to be healthy.

As it is known that whey tofu is a liquid waste created during the process of making the flower tofu, then thrown away. Certainly risky as waste, because protein and sugar dissolve in whey can reduce oxygen levels in sewerage.

You would ask a little bit of this, what kind of drink is it? There is always a reliable answer to this drink, as written in detikFood, December 9, researchers from the National University of Singapore succeeded in creating this wine drink.

Those who have done the research seem to be welcomed by wine lovers, in particular. Quoting a review on Foodbeast, yesterday, they were Liu Shao Quan, a professor, and his student Chua Jian Yong.

"Alcohol fermentation can be an alternative method to convert whey tofu into food products that can be consumed directly."

Of course as an easily recognizable distinction, this new drink is called Sachi, and is a Japanese word meaning 'blossomin' wisdom'. Inspired by the sweet taste accompanied by a distinctive fruit and flower taste.

You should not doubt the alcohol content contained in this wine drink, because Sachi alcohol content is quite light only about seven to eight percent of ABV (alcohol by volume).

However, sachi can make a hangover, but in accordance with its original purpose, this drink offers health benefits because it has high levels of calcium and probiotics.

As Liu Shao Quan later pointed out, there is an antioxidant called isoflavones that can improve bone health, heart disease and prevent cancer.

"The health benefits of soy products, coupled with dietary changes, trigger the growth of tofu production (increase) the amount of whey tofu in proportion."

Good news should be fun, especially if you can now enjoy wine without worrying about health-damaging risks.

Source: Dewi Anggraini - detikFood, detikCom, Foodbeast
Image: NUS Research Singapore


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