Home Worker Salary USD 150 Thousand a Year

There are couples in New York looking for expensive paid workers to serve food

East 69th Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York - Image Credit Gryffindor

Cooking food for a couple in this city is a busy news in some media, when they install salaries that make anyone pay special attention. Who is not tempted by the amount of pay with specific tasks for job seekers, especially domestic workers.

The city does deliver surprising news, quoting the news in detikFood, today, especially for domestic workers, when a couple is brave to set up tariffs for their prospective domestic worker. In particular those who are fortunate will work in service to serve food.

They, the couple from New York is indeed soon to be the news, and suddenly became a public discussion. Moreover, the job offer advertisement is done in a column of job seekers, the news spread immediately, and can be done by many people but with astounding salary pay.

A venue in Upper East Side, a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan, New York is willing to spend up to $ 150,000 a year, citing the Delish website, December 20, for anyone of the interested applicants and two successful candidates to prepare a meal for the couple's family.

Really good intentions from the couple, they are specifically looking for local residents to maintain, manage and operate their own 30,000-square-foot townhouses or nearly three hectares.

As is known later, this job information is distributed at Hire Society, an online job-search portal that clearly communicates the types of jobs and salaries provided, in the range of $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 in a year.

Anyone who reads these job advertisements will be surprised, given the luck of the fortunate candidate, for getting salary facilities including meal costs, health insurance, dental and other insurance.

But. For anyone interested, it can be seen that they, the couple who need a worker seeker with a supportive experience, at least have pocketed the experience of working for 7 to 10 years as a household assistant to any family.

You immediately know if the elected candidate must understand how to cook, wash clothes, take care of the house and other daily work. That's something for sure!

Source: Devi Setya - detikFood, Delish, Business Insider
Image: Gryffindor via Wikipedia


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