Exeter, The Most Satisfactory Airport

An airport in the UK ranks top in the world

Passenger to the departure gate - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Passenger satisfaction at the airport is one of the factors that can reduce the fatigue of passengers who will travel, or just arrived with various affairs. There may be a haste to complete, to arrive soon and other urgent matters.

You can imagine a situation that can happen at an airport, and many possible criteria to be comfortable in an airport wherever a passenger is at a time.

As noted by an article on CNN Indonesia, Dec. 15, that many things can encourage passengers to be satisfied with an airport, another quote shows the results of a Finnish data company, HappyOrNot which released the list of the most satisfying airports in the world.

They are quite serious in data collection, HappyOrNot locates hundreds of electronic survey engines in 160 airports operating in 36 countries operating from November 2016 to November 2017. The facts then show that eight airports in the world have high levels of satisfaction, in terms of facilities and support services passenger comfort.

The placement of the survey machines at airports in the world which is then used by 158 million visitors to the airport, by giving their satisfaction level of airport service through the button 'yes' and 'no'.

Airport Management Director of Exeter Airport, Matt Roach said the feeling of satisfaction and pride in the results shown by the survey engine.

"The HappyOrNot machines at our airport are very effective at calculating the level of visitor satisfaction, so we can evaluate our facilities and services in the future, we are proud of our airport being the best."

The HappyOrNot engine also collects data about the most enjoyable times and the most annoying of visitors while at the airport.

It is further known that the data shows that at 9 am is the most fun time, while at 3 pm it becomes the most annoying time. Tuesday became the most fun day for airport visitors, while Sunday became the most annoying day.

You easily know the data shown by HappyOrNot, because on that day the atmosphere of the airport will be very busy and complicated, so visitors become more often grumbling.

With more or less similar situations for July, when the day is the atmosphere of the airport will be very busy and complicated, so that visitors become more often grumbling.

The statement delivered by Ville Levaniemi from HappyOrNot can better describe the situation.

"Of the many airports in the world, the most satisfying airport is the airport whose staff are fluent in English.The ability of English-speaking officers, who became the universal language, is also a convenience factor for an airport."

The list shows the most satisfying of the world's most satisfying versions of HappyOrNot.

1. Airport Exeter, UK - 88.66%
2. Cork Airport, Ireland - 88.45% (*)
2. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome - 88.45% (*)
4. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, United States - 87.35%
5. Newcastle International Airport, UK - 87.05%

6. London Southend Airport, UK - 86.79%
7. Cardiff Airport, UK - 86.57%
8. Keflavik International Airport, Iceland - 86.35%

Especially for Cork Airport in Ireland and Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome shows a level of intense competition with similar value.

Source: CNN Indonesia, HappyOrNot
Image: M Kretyawan


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