Prevent Suicide Action in Altitude Objects

The attractions are tempting as the location of the suicide of some people

Golden Gate Bridge at looking south-south-east by night looking south across the Golden Gate towards San Francisco - Image Credit Daniel Schwen

Fame can make a person frustrated by a situation that feels more and more self-absorbed and distance oneself from normal social life, for example why one can undergo a fatal choice. Suicide.

Many people will wonder why someone who looks so happy chooses a way to end life in an extreme and very unusual way, the phenomenon of suicide is also a serious mental health issue in many countries.

This kind of thing makes the government of several countries in the world to make suicide control agency, citing CNN Indonesia, December 19, one of which is by patrolling in a number of tourist objects with a steep height, such as bridges or cliffs.

One of the world's tourist sites that can be an example is The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, United States, for being one of the favorite locations of suicide in the world. Data showing in this place since it was built in 1937, there were recorded as many as 1,600 victims who ended their lives there.

May be a question for most people, about the options for suicide in high-altitude tourist sites in other countries as well, among other Lawyers Head Cliffs in Dunedin - New Zealand, Clifton Bridge in Bristol - UK, and Gateway Bridge in Brisbane - Australia.

Many governments anticipate it, they build a safety net and place the bullet prohibition board near the altitude, which is also accompanied by a telephone booth of a suicide control body.

Earlier examples such as the Golden Gate Bridge apparently do not yet have suicide prevention facilities as the countries do.

Eric D. Caine, a doctorate at the University of Rochester Medical Center gave a little idea of ​​the necessity of the facility.

"After the facility, the number of suicides there is declining, although the case is still going on, local authorities need to make more comprehensive facilities."

He does suggest that access to dangerous areas in altitude attractions should be closed. If you still want to open, there should be a patrol officer who guard 24 hours. Another example pointed out by him is Beachy Head, a high-rise cliff overlooking the sea in England, each year there are 16 suicide cases that occur there.

However, since the road to the cliffs closed in 2001, the number has decreased.

Steven Vannoy of the University of Massachusetts Boston agreed with his opinion.

"The difficulty of accessing the media or the location for suicide will make people think twice about the decision of their life, because suicide would be easier to do if the media or the location used was obtained easily."

It is admitted that many tourism facilities are easily awakened, but Vannoy still recommends that people can equip themselves with the signs of someone who wants to commit suicide, such as people standing with blank stare for long periods in dangerous areas, should come quickly and ask the situation.

"I thought you knew immediately what to do," he said. The real action is to contact the security officer.

"People who want to commit suicide usually come to dangerous areas when lonely."

Indeed, with presence in dangerous tourist sites from patrollers can make their concentration break and so think twice to end their life.

Source: CNN Indonesia
Image: Daniel Schwen via Wikipedia


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