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Ten (10) most visited attractions to be photographed from the travelers

Musee du Louvre - Image Credit D Upala Poucin

Instagram photos are able to make you feel the difference in the sensation of friendship on social media, especially for the owner of the account on the photo sharing site. This photo sharing social media application has been used by more than 800 million users in the world, you will feel a different aroma when sharing a photo there.

When you have an account there, then the impulse arises indeed the desire to upload photos that are expected to be seen by friends, and especially photos when the trip gets the place and the main concern.

As it happens, quoting CNN Indonesia, December 2nd, the desire to share photos while making Instagram parties every year definitely releases a list of the most popular destinations and attractions.

They performed data analysis from January 1, 2017 to November 17, 2017, Instagram finally announced the list of 10 Most Photographed Tourist Attraction in the world.

It's really interesting to see great attractions in the world, the top spot on this list is not surprising, because it's still occupied by Disneyland in Anaheim, USA.

Then in a row the attention of the traveler to capture good photographs in the Times Square area of ​​New York, and then still in the United States, also looks Central Park area in New York, then you can see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo is present in various photographs on the social media site.

Times Square - Image Credit E Widi

Sixth and next ranks, there are Disney's Magic Kingdom tourist areas in Orlando, moving to Paris, the Louvre Museum, back to the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, and ranked tenth in the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

No need to be surprised to see the interest of the traveler in making interesting photographs, various objects of their favorite photos have been present in various angles of shooting. Of course there is a pleasant feeling when you feel the joy that emanates from their faces.

The desire to share photos with a photo background of a well-known object on one side brings a sense of joy, but also a desire to show off, share with other friends who may be traveling to another place or relatives at home.

But. The desire to share photos on the other hand can invite envy, a rivalry between endless friendship, and in the near future another friend will share their photos in similar tourist attractions.

No wonder, if then the tourist spot becomes the object game of the traveler anywhere. And become more famous.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Instagram
Image: D Upala Poucin, E Widi


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