Why Enter Exit Aircraft from Left?

There are indeed several reasons for making the decision

The plane taxiing - Image Credit V Arifin

The entrance of the plane is almost always on the left side is something you usually see all the time when traveling by plane, wherever you ride, anywhere in the hemisphere, and always in and out of the door to the left of the plane.

When searched for why it happened like that, eat there are some reasons that make it that way. Like a review on a travel site, detikTravel, today, it was delivered by a commercial airline pilot named Andrew Stagg at a Q & A site, Quora.

You can expect it to be certain, given that some of the things that are based on engineering considerations are described in detail by Stagg, the reasons behind them are likely to return to technical aircraft including steering in the cockpit.

"I'm sure if the reason re-refer to the plane that has a port on the left side and a starboard or steerboard on the right side."

In general it has become a standard that is applied throughout the airframe, the standard was also a standard for aircraft makers. Passengers in the end did walk to the exit and entered the plane always made on the left side.

This then made the adjustment as well, helped to make the captain of the pilot to sit on the left side. Of course the underlying intent is for the convenience of aircraft maneuvers.

Vice President of Virgin Atlantic airline operations, Dave Kistruck also gave his opinion about the entrance and exit passengers.

"The captain sits on the left side because he/she has the responsibility to park the plane and have to do a taxi near the air bridge to the lobby of the airport room."

Similar opinion was conveyed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), that the door for passengers of the plane is always made on the left side of the plane, as quoted by the Daily Mail, that its connection with aircraft refueling activities.

"Aircraft access is always made on the left side, which means that there is a movement of vehicles on this side of the aircraft, but not all are on the right side."

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, Quora, Daily Mail
Image: V Arifin


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