Best Restaurants of the World from La Liste

Restaurants from Japan and China occupy the most places in the list of 1000 best restaurants

The Culinary - Image Credit L Priyanti

French cuisine is famous for its special flavor, and has been recognized by all culinary lovers from various countries in the world. This country was once the center of culinary delicacies, but the reality is happening lately no longer.

Time has indeed made a definite change, citing detikFood, December 1, as evidenced by a list released by La Liste, containing a list of the world's top 1000 restaurants to be published at a Paris dinner on Monday.

Indeed, the list has stated that a restaurant from France is ranked first, but the fact that more clearly shows restaurants from Japan and China actually managed to record the most names.

You certainly feel something has happened lately, the restaurant serves their guests well. Many restaurants in the world, both local and who already have Michelin stars as proof of the work of their chefs.

When you examine the contents of the list, Japanese and Chinese restaurants now have more of the world's top restaurants than any other country.

They may not occupy the first place, quoting The Daily Meal, November 29th ago, recorded Japan has 138 restaurants from 1000 restaurants mentioned, followed by China with 123 restaurants.

The drafter of the list of restaurants, Jorge Zipprick, who has done so since three years ago gave a real acknowledgment of the list.

"Asia has more restaurants than Europe, so it's logical that La Liste will consider it."

Japanese Sushi - Image Credit Shafia Zia

As it was later reported that the La Liste put Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris in the first place for two consecutive years, followed by Le Bernadin in New York. But. The third position is occupied by Kyubey in Tokyo, known as the best sushi restaurant in all of mainland Japan.

You can even see other Japanese restaurants in the Top 20, Kyo Aji, then there's a French restaurant run by Chéf Joel Robuchon. The highest position for a Chinese restaurant at the best of 20 restaurants, there is Huai Yang Fu in Andingmen, Beijing with its famous menu, which is processed pork culinary.

You can see the following order, restaurants from the United States and Switzerland with 38 restaurants. The list that makes many culinary hunting tourists no longer hesitate in directing their interest in eating places in various destinations in Asia.

Source: N Fadhillah - detikFood, detikCom, The Daily Meal
Image: L Priyanti, Shafia Zia


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