Neapolitan Pizza Gets a World Heritage Status

UNESCO officially certified Neapolitan pizza and gained World Heritage status

Pizza Margherita - Image Credit Valerio Capello

The petition of pizza by more than 2 million Italians ahead of the UNESCO world heritage status is a strong impetus for the agency to gain confidence that the Neapolitan pizza deserves its title.

You also if a fan of pizza will admit one variant of pizza that brings its own taste, especially if you enjoy it at a moment with the family.

Especially people in the city of Napoli, cited detikFood, December 8, deserves to welcome the endorsement of the status given by UNESCO, who received the title as a Non-Object Cultural Heritage for Neapolitan pizza from Napoli, which is red, green and white just like the color of the flag from Italy.

Petitions capable of convincing UNESCO, a confession that says everything about "pizzaiuoli" or pizza makers from Naples, including pizza-making techniques from preparing, making pizza dough, filling with toppings to baking pizza with wood is an important part of cultural and culinary traditions in Italy.

Special awards in the culinary field as a form of community awareness that how valuable a tradition and culture is, and this time the pizza is recorded with traditional Turkish coffee, ginger cakes from Croatia, French cuisine as well as traditional Mexican cuisine.

Please take a look at this typical Italian culinary, you immediately know if traditionally has 2 different versions, namely pizza margherita, a pizza with tomato, mozarella, oil and basil leaves; as well as a pizza marinara with topping ketchup, garlic, oregano and oil.

The joy worthy of Italian citizens, quoting Reuter, was spelled out by a pizza fan.

"I think and I hope this can be a way of explaining to everyone, so they understand that Italian pizza is made without Nutella or pineapple as toppings."

True, the rewards are worth remembering the long journey since 1889 which presents a margherita pizza as an expression of respect to Queen Margherita while visiting Naples.

It turns out that time indicates that the classic pizza still gives its own sensation in various places to eat, regardless of the presence of various other variants of other contemporary pizzas.

Source: Devi Setya - detikFood, detikCom, Reuter
Image: ElfQrin (Valerio Capello)


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