Sitting on the Rear Row of the Airplane

Not only sitting in Business Class, because sitting in the back row has its own advantages

Stewardess - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

Choosing a seat on the plane to be the right way when you're on a long journey, people will say that sitting in business class is the best option. But of course not everyone also wants to sit there.

You must be wondering what kind of profit can be gained, quoting CNN Indonesia, December 14, that there is something that most passengers may not have guessed, what is the advantage of sitting in the back row?

Something that is definitely one of them is getting extra service from the flight attendant.

In accordance with the acknowledgment of some air hostesses, they acknowledge that they are physically located in a location adjacent to the back room, and generally the airplane kitchen, according to a flight attendant who became a resource in an article published by the Oyster.

"We are a little difficult to serve passengers in the front row, because the distance is far with the kitchen plane. We are also horrified to bring food or drink there, because the plane often suffers from shock."

This was agreed by another flight attendant, and there were even two other flight attendants who said such things.

"Passengers sitting in the back row get extra service-especially when the cabin lights are off, because the distance is close to the plane's kitchen. I feel no objection to serving them, as long as they ask for help kindly."

Regardless of that, what about the circumstances of other passengers who happen to be unable to bench in the back row?

Of course there is a way to make the stewardess serve us with extras, for example by greeting them with friendly when getting into the plane.

"We always remember the faces of passengers who greeted us kindly as they entered the plane. They are always our first priority when turning on the help lights, though not sitting in business class."

In addition to getting extra service, there is still another advantage for the passengers who sit in the back row, as they get a more relaxed situation by tilting the back of the seat without feeling guilty.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Oyster
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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